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About BlackOut

What sets BlackOut Design apart from the competition is our ability to give clients the data they need to make better business decisions. Organizations call us when they are ready to improve their bottom line and grow their influence.

Our Story

Founded in 2003 by Jack Reager, BlackOut Design has always been about integrating technology with marketing solutions to produce powerful results.

Today, the award-winning agency works with clients ranging from small businesses to global industry leaders throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Regardless of industry, size or geographic location, BlackOut Design's clients share one thing in common – they all desire a competitive advantage. BlackOut answers this call through comprehensive marketing strategies and data, engaging creative and a consistent return on their investment with BlackOut Design.

The team at BlackOut Design ensures every solution we offer is understood by every client and is able to be leveraged for their continual growth. We are happy to partner with a company for the long haul or simply provide marketing support and strategies that an internal team can one day own. Our agility allows us to customize our services to our clients' needs.

President + CEO

Jack Reager

As we have tailored our portfolio of services throughout the years to ensure we are providing best-of-class marketing solutions to our clients from under one roof, we have continually built upon our team to add critical skills and experience. With the mission of helping our clients navigate the landscape where technology and marketing meet, our team is uniquely positioned not only to best serve our clients but to continually grow.